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1 Monte Gradiccioli 1935m


Location: Monte Gradiccioli, Sottoceneri, Ticino, Switzerland (1935 m)      by: Stephan Bück
Area: Switzerland      Date: 08.09.2006
Walking "La Traversata" from Monte Lema to Monte Tamaro on a bright late summer day.


Ein schönes Panorama mit tollen Farben. Der Horizont ist meines Erachtens leicht wellig, deßhalb einen halben Punkt Abzug = 3,5
2007/11/27 11:04 , Johann Ilmberger
Hi Stephan, you were not on the Monte Gradiccioli summit but on the Poncione di Breno. Here, in alpen-panoramen, you can see a 360° from the Gradiccioli: I also labeled the Monte Gradiccioli in your photo.
For the panoramic, it was a difficult light, it's a shame the discontinuity in the clouds on the very left. Stefano
2009/08/15 19:22 , Stefano Caldera

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Stephan Bück

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