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Location: Lohagad, Maharashtra (1000 m)      by: Divyesh Shah
Area: India      Date: 21st july
this picture has been taken from the way back from lohagad trek.
on the screen right mountain, left to the waterfall, u can see bhaje caves, at the base of the mountain the flooded fields are rice fields.


This is quite a nice panorama but it lacks a bit of a description and I am not really too good with identifying regions, plants and general views of countries I have never been to.
Are those flooded fields rice growing fields?
Perhaps you could put it on the world map.

Nevertheless a nice panorama.
2012/07/23 11:47 , Barcud Revnik
Very beautifully and strange landscape.


2012/07/24 14:04 , Christian Hönig
maybe a little bit sharper. A beautyful Landscape!
2012/07/25 18:35 , Stephan Messner

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Divyesh Shah

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