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1 Horidol Saridag
2 2422
3 Road to Siberia
4 Jankhai promontory
5 Direction Hatgal


Location: Jankhai (1645 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Mongolia      Date: 11-08-2011
The Hovsgol (also written Khövsgöl) lake is the minor brother of the Bajkal lake, where "minor" here means to be 136 km long, 262 m deep, and to rank 18th in the list of the planet's sweet-water resources. The point is that, as far as volume is concerned, the Bajkal ranks undisputedly first, due to its huge depth.
The Hovsgol region is considered to be Mongolia's Switzerland - as a consequence, Mongolian people consider it by far their main natural attraction. To be honest, I felt much more like being under a Scandinavian sky than in Switzerland; the joint action of altitude and latitude creates a pretty northern atmosphere. In winter-time the lake uses to freeze as deep as 120 cm; its surface is then used in place of the conventional "highway" to Siberia - which in spite of its name is actually no more than an adventurous dirt track. In 1990 a prohibition to this "skating" practice has been issued for trucks, since it is reported that more than 40 cisterns lie sunk inside the lake.
The shore depicted here is reached from the little town of Hatgal via a little mountain pass. A classical stop during the ascent to the pass is that at the Mogoi Mod: the "snake tree", because its trunk has been modeled by the winds in the shape of a spiral. The locals worship it, as witnessed by the abundant supply of "khadags" (ritual blue scarfs).
Here I tried a different solution to the 360° layout problem, this time without repetition. The first idea was to show the whole lagoon section followed by the whole lake section. But this way the "incompleteness" of the lagoon on the lower side stood out too much. Looking for alternatives, I noted that the shore of the lake seemed to form a sine wave together with the definite white arch in the sky... I actually aligned the whole as a cosine wave, only to discover with Udeuschle that after all this work the image simply started from the exact north! Incidentally, when I came back from Mongolia the E shore of the lake (far side in the picture) was right on the easternmost border of the Udeuschle coverage. Now things have changed, as the tool has conquered even Kamchatka!


In Bild und Wort bestens präsentiert.
2018/08/13 12:33 , Heinz Höra
Danke Heinz.
Jetzt Präsentierung auch verändert: der Schnitt in der Mitte des Teiches war schrecklich! Vermutlich hatte ich einfach in Richtung 0° die 360° geschnitten...
LG, Alberto.
2018/08/13 13:14 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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