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1 Mongon Uul (Russia), 3970
2 Uureg Nuur, 1425
3 3228
4 Tsagaan Shuvuut Uul, 3496
5 Direction Ulaangom
6 Direction Bairam Davaa


Location: Uureg Nuur (1450 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Mongolia      Date: 14-08-2011
Under the apparent quietness and solemn immutability of unbounded landscapes, one often discovers an unexpected variety of movements revealing the pulsation of life. In Mongolia this may sometimes come in the form of a dust column raised by a horse running 10 or 15 km far away, in the middle of nowhere... Here, that we are in the middle of somewhere (a "populated" area!), one can see how many details change between the initial shots and the two extra photos that for some reason I took beyond the eleven completing the 360°. (The whole thing comes a few minutes after N.8261)
I deliberately left the scene in its original darkness; I know that this will not please all those loving histograms and mastering those amenable sliders which make every single image become so "beautiful". But in the moments captured here, much more than being capable of distinguishing details, I was confined to hearing an indefinite mixture of smells and whispers fighting in the wind - animals grazing, children running, boys and girls milking... And to this the image wants to remain faithful: hence, in a certain sense, it aims to suggest rather than to show; it is an image more about guessing and figuring out, than about really seeing.


very well described.
2012/06/15 18:26 , Danko Rihter
Ma quante ne hai...?
2012/06/15 21:01 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Eh di panorami dalla Mongolia, fra sistemati e in attesa di sistemazione, sul disco ne conto 154... sarà meglio non pubblicarli tutti altrimenti mi bandiscono dal sito!
2012/06/15 23:59 , Pedrotti Alberto
Me lo chiedevo anch'io quanti ne hai. Tutti emozionanti comunque!
2012/06/16 15:23 , Beatrice Zanon
Una bella Panorama. Gratulation! Tanto più che l'atmosfera. Saluti Udo
2012/06/19 16:34 , Udo Schmidt

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Pedrotti Alberto

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