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1 Olveri's Sunrise Panorama location
2 Walford Walls
3 Perrys Lookdown
4 Anvill Rock
5 Grose Valley
6 Rigby Hill
7 Bells Line of road


Aufnahmestandort: Walls Lookout, Blue Mountains, NSW (800 m)      Fotografiert von: Gunther Wandtke
Gebiet: Australia      Datum: 26/05/2012
Shot recently on a stormy winters day in the Blue Mountains West of Sydney.
The sunlit hill in the right half of this panorama clearly shows the path leading down to this lookout from the Bells Line of road. Coming down this path, you arrive at the lookout with it's view of Grose Valley and the walls on the other side of the valley in the Blackheath area.
What appears to be all lined up on the same side is in reality 180° opposed to each other.
A bigger version of this 360° panorama can also be viewed at
I only just realized the fantastic coincidence that Oliver's wonderful Blue Mountains sunrise photo at
was shot from a position only a few meters away!


Gunther Wandtke

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