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1 MNG-CHI border
2 3955
3 Grane glacier
4 Burged, 4068 (in clouds)
5 3723
6 Naran, 3884
7 Point 3276
8 Malchin, 4027
9 Moraine and Base Camp
10 Standpoint of 10140
11 Passage to Kurumbel valley
12 MNG-RUS border
13 Path to base camp
14 3504
15 Sheveed Uul, 3370
16 Tsagaan Gol (White River valley)


Location: Summit 3234 m (3234 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Mongolia      Date: 20-08-2011
The image comes from a recognition that I did as soon as our party reached the end of the Tsagaan Gol (white valley). This mountain rises like a knife between the impatient waters flowing from the glaciers and the calm meadows hosting the path to the base camp. But, better than from vacuous verbal exercises, the standpoint can be understood from the clear mark that I added inside N.10140, at approx. 140°.
The Alexandroff glacier is not to be seen here, since it lies hidden between the Naran summit and the ridge leading to the Burged summit, shrouded in clouds.
Of the 12 km long Potanina glacier only the upper slopes are to be guessed here, and actually identified in the larger version http://www.panoramio.com/photo/72339795. But the vast majority of the glacier is eclipsed by the close twin summit point 3276. This shows how tricky and relative are dimensions and measures in such large spaces!
Maybe that the visitor of this panorama is wondering in which state the camera and I returned to the camp down in the valley. Surprisingly enough, we had the luck to go back almost dry!


Paesaggi unici.
2012/05/20 20:42 , Giuseppe Marzulli

2012/05/20 23:49 , Christian Hönig
Great as always!!!
2012/05/21 20:28 , Sebastian Becher

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