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1 Direction Ulaan Davaa - Ulaangom
2 Piste to Bairam Davaa - Achit Nuur
3 Mongon Uul (Russia), 3970
4 Uureg Nuur, 1425
5 3228
6 Tsagaan Shuvuut Uul, 3496


Location: Uureg Nuur (1450 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Mongolia      Date: 14-08-2011
On the shore of a Mongolian mountain lake, short before moonrise, humans and cattle prepare for the incoming night.
360°, 21 images, zoom 16-85 at 39 (x1.5) mm


2011/09/06 18:11, Klaus Brückner
What a special place and what a special moment !!
2011/09/07 00:36, Christoph Seger
One speciality of this picture is that the more I look at it, and the more it seems skew to me! But I checked with Udeuschle (yes, he reaches even into this far place), and the layout appears to be correct...
2011/09/07 00:46, Pedrotti Alberto
Davvero una foto speciale su questo sito..
Mi piace molto!
Saluti patrick
2011/09/07 07:11, Patrick Runggaldier
2011/09/07 19:41, Christian Hönig
what a mystical scenery!
2011/09/08 07:53, Werner Maurer
Bellissima documentazione. Ciao.
2011/09/08 21:48, Giuseppe Marzulli

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Pedrotti Alberto

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