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1 Lefka Ori
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Location: Chania      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Greece      Date: 06-07-2011
A little tribute to Greece, in this difficult moment.


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This picture has a very special flair, I love it! Must have been hard work to put it together. Shows nicely, what is important for you when you travel ...
2013/02/20 21:55, Christoph Seger
Eh, ma questo è il mio genere, mica il tuo. Scherzo naturalmente. E' davvero bella.
2013/02/21 00:21, Giuseppe Marzulli
Grazie Giuseppe. Sí, ma siccome sei venuto a invadermi il territorio (Val dei Mocheni docet) devo pur reagire...

Thank you Christoph. Of this view I like the natural luminosity of the buildings even in shadow. It was such also in the reality: I did not drag any of the killer PS or LR sliders, this is plain Hugin from plain Jpegs! Next, I have tried again the Irfan scaling/sharpening, but this time I am very little satisfied. Any hint? I was not able to locate competing sliders in Irfan.
Incidentally, Hugin worked out the whole by itself, no intervention by me besides vertical CPs. Being a poor detective, to spot an error I need to look at
I see two sporty pedestrians appearing twice in front of the bookstore (see the marks above)... But they are so colourfully clad that, I think, they well deserve an encore!
2013/02/21 18:28, Pedrotti Alberto
Great shot - these colors have a very positive charisma and arouse the joy on the summer.

LG Werner
2013/02/22 18:33, Werner Schelberger
A scene that obviously lends itself to a wide panorama format. Very well done. For July daytime, the colors are perfectly natural. Cheers, Martin
2013/02/23 11:20, Martin Kraus
I thank everybody.
I am pleased to see that, when one posts pictures of this kind, the little group of Mediterranean enthusiasts always reacts with interest!
2013/03/01 10:31, Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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